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In 2012, I experienced Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood for my very first time. After leaving the event, I woke up the next morning thinking to myself, "I want to do that here."


After my crazy thought, I had told my father who was very skeptical at first. But, after plenty of convincing, he helped me put together our first haunt in my backyard. It was made of PVC piping and black contractor plastic. No high tech lighting, no sound effects or ambient, just a simple walk around. After doing it that year I wanted to go further and make it larger.

-Mason Legerski (Owner of Corona Haunt)


In 2015, I met Joe (Joseph Roath) at Halloween Horror Nights, after spending the evening with him I told him I like to create mazes in my backyard. He was so excited and hoped right into my 2015 haunt as one of the scare-actors. The following year, he joined the team as the creative head.

Joe loves to create and develop props, artwork, and other scenic items for our haunts.


The goal of Corona Haunt is to provide theme park quality Halloween events at no charge to our guests. Theme park Halloween events can be budget breaking, and we want everyone to be able to experience something like that. Thus, we are and have always been a free event. In 2018 and 2019 we ran a canned food drive to give back to our community that supports us. We ended up donating over 5,000 canned food items within those 2 years to our local Settlement House. 



Joseph and I's goal is to eventually turn Corona Haunt into a "Pro-Haunt." Having our own location that is large and spacey is the biggest goal. We want to be able to create large scenes, small scenes, and highly interactive scenes. Obviously by currently being in a backyard, our options are slim.

But, until then, our goal is to continuously deliver safe and horrifying experiences to all of our guests.

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