Health & Safety Guidelines

The health and safety of our guests and performers is and always has been our number one priority.

This year is a little bit different unlike previous years.


This year, we will be implementing new and updated health and safety protocols to ensure all guests can have a horrifying and safe visit with us.

Protocols for Our Performers:

1. All performers must complete a "check-in" before entering our haunt to perform.

This includes a temperature screening.

Actors with a temperature of 100.4* or higher will not be permitted to enter our haunt to perform.

2. Performers will be sanitizing "high touched" areas in their spaces every 30 minutes. 

This includes:

Anything that guests can touch

3. Performers will also be asked to frequently sanitize their hands.

4. Performers are highly encouraged to NOT get in close proximity to our guests.

Protocols for Our Guests:

1. Guests are highly encouraged to wear a face covering when inside our haunt.

2. We ask that all guests use the provided hand sanitizer at the entrance and exit of our haunt.

3. Guests may be subject to a temperature screening before entering.

4. Guests must read and acknowledge our new guidelines before entering the attraction.


Reservations are no longer needed to view the show.

Guests will be highly encouraged to enforce "Social Distancing" while viewing the show.

We will have designated markers on the ground where you and your party can view the show.


*Because Nightmares takes place in an outdoor environment, we will not ask guests to wear face coverings.* Face coverings will be up to you and your group for Nightmares.

Christmas Light Show & Christmas Haunt:

At this time, our Christmas Light Show will be delayed until the time gets closer and we have more information.

Yes, you read that right, a Christmas Haunt. This has also been delayed until we have more information.

We will be taking every step necessary to ensure all our performers and guests are safe.

These protocols are in place until we receive word otherwise.

We thank you for supporting Corona Haunt during these difficult times.

Now, let's have a great 2020 season!

© 2020 Corona Haunt